Free Black and White Scroll Work Invitations Art

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This elegant (if I do say so myself) printable design was actually created for my birthday party collection, but it has many more uses than that. The simple black stripe along the side contains beautiful ornate scroll work and goes perfectly with the stark white background that comprises the rest of the invitation. There's no mention of birthdays on the invitation, so there's nothing to stop you from using this for New Years Eve, tea parties, luncheons, bridal showers or any other classy event. Black is always in style, so I'm sure you'll find a use for this sometime.

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This invite template is a standard A2 size, so you can easily find envelopes to fit it. If you'd like to order some online through Amazon, just click the link in the first paragraph. You can also click that link for instructions.

I hope you find this scroll work party announcement useful! Please see the terms that govern their use in the sidebar.
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By Carla Chadwick


William said...

Looks like a pretty nice all-purpose invitation. I'm thinking it would work well for a formal dinner party.