Blank Pink Quinceanera Invites

Click on the free pink Quinceanera invitation template to see it full size and download it.


If you're not specifically looking for Quinceanera announcements, then you might not even know what a Quinceanera (also called Mis Quince Anos) is. The short answer is that it's a Latin American rite of passage undergone by a 15-year-old girl to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. It's both a religious and social experience, and it's usually quite formal. That's why the blank Mis Quince Anos invitation template shown here looks a lot like a wedding invitation. Except this one is in pretty pink with modern flourishes, which is perfect for a teenage girl. Feel free to use it as a wedding invite template, too, though!
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There are four more variations of this design on my Quinceanera invitations hub, along with some free Quinceanera and Mis Quince Anos clip art. You can see them and get full instructions for creating this 5 x 7 (A7) format by clicking the link in the previous sentence or the yellow button below.
Quinceanera invitations
TERMS: Please don't sell or give away this personal use template. Also, please don't post the template image on your blog or site, or a photo-sharing site, unless it's in low resolution form (too small to be used as a printed invitation). If you do post a low resolution image, please place a link to this page near it. Feel free to post it to Pinterest, however, because they automatically link to the page where the image is found. Thank you for honoring these terms, which protect my artwork and the huge time investment I have in this blog! 

This invitation design was created in Picnik.


Jodie said...

This is so pretty and feminine, thank you for sharing.