Free Invite Design for a 1st Birthday Party

Click the link below to download the free kids 1st birthday party invite template 

This free child's first birthday design was created in soft purple and green, with a touch of buttery mellow yellow -- a neutral color scheme that makes it appropriate for either boys or girls. It features a sweet purple bird sitting in a tree with heart leaves, a sun shining down with the number 1 in it and the words "You're Invited to My 1st Birthday Party!," so no one will be confused about the age of the birthday child.

This 1st birthday template comes from my 1st birthday invites collection, which features A2-sized artwork -- some that are blue for boys, some that are pink for girls and some that are gender-neutral, for people who don't like pink or blue.

There also are a few designs on my birthday invites hub that are appropriate for first birthdays, so if none of the other designs do it for you, there may be others on that page that will.

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Credits: Thanks to Jamie Dell Scraps for the use of her adorable Fantastic Dream kit that made this design possible.

Terms: Feel free to print multiple copies of this design for your child or for your friends' or family members' children. But you may not sell this template or represent it as your own. You may post an image of it to your blog or Web site though. Just provide a link near it. Thanks!

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