Pink Party Invite Template Design

Click the link below to download the free pink party invitation template

This design in shades of pink with flowers is perfect for a sophisticated bridal shower, tea party, summer garden party, luncheon or even just a hen party.

Download the Invitation

I would imagine the colors and soft images would appeal more to women, but I don't want to take anything for granted these days. Men can be soft too.

You can find the instructions for printing this square format by visiting my party announcement designs hub or by clicking the Instructions link below:


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Credits: The base image for this template comes from Sandrine of the 123 Mounette Scrap ses Chats blog, who is an incredible designer. I thank her for allowing me to use the image.

Terms: Feel free to print this freebie for personal use (for yourself, family or friends). But you may not sell this announcement artwork in any form or convey that it's your own design. You may post an image of it on your blog, however, if you provide a link to this page near the image.

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