Graduation Party Announcement Design

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This grad party invitation design is for those who don't necessarily want to go the rah-rah class color route and prefer something a little softer. Some might say that the salmon, yellow and gray color scheme would make it a good invitation for graduation parties thrown by and for women or girls, but it's not necessarily so feminine that men and boys couldn't use it too.
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Like the other free grad party invitation art I posted last year, this design features an image from If you haven't tried it, Picnik is a free graphic design Web site, similar to Photoshop -- except it's free! It's a lot of fun. (6-23-12 Update: Sadly, Picnik is now closed. But some of its features have been absorbed into Google +, so you can access them there.) I also have other designs on my free graduation party invitation templates hub that feature Picnik designs. You can access them by clicking the link in the previous sentence or the button below:
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As with all the templates on this site, this graduation party announcement design is for your personal use only, as indicated in the terms of use in the sidebar.


dusty@TheRedPolkaDot said...

Just wanted to tell you thanks for the beautiful free printable. It looks fabulous!! I featured it on TheRedPolkaDOt. Have a wonderful day!

Work'nPlay said...

Thanks so much, Dusty! :-)