Free Anniversary Invitation Artwork Template

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This 5" x 7" (A7) or 3 1/2″ x 4 7/8″ (A4) horizontal pink template is useful for more than just wedding anniversaries; you can also use it for parties to commemorate commitment ceremony anniversaries or even just significant dating milestones. Its delicate design features the words "Please help us celebrate our anniversary" in flowing script, plus hand-painted flowers and a subtle swirly design on the pink background.

Download the Invitation

If this design isn't your cup of tea, I also have five more designs in the same format on my anniversary invites hub (or you can click the button below to see all the designs on this site). To see the designs on my hub, click the link in the previous sentence or the Instructions link below. There also are plenty of party ideas on that page, in addition to a list of gifts that are appropriate for each anniversary year. And if you're having a golden anniversary party, be sure to see my 50th anniversary designs linked from the sidebar.
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Credits: Thanks to for the flower illustration, to Granny of Granny Art for the white accent flowers, and to Ann of for the background swirls.

Terms: This free anniversary template may not be sold or given away. It's for personal use only. If you have a blog and would like your readers to see this design, please post a low-resolution image of it with a link to this page. Thank you in advance for honoring these terms.

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Design by Carla Chadwick


Billy said...

This is great for those on a buget and want to make their event look high end.

Work'nPlay said...

Thanks, Billy!