Free Snowman Invite Template for a Winter Party

Click the link below to download the free printable snowman winter invitation template 

This free winter invite artwork features a very joyful snowman, celebrating the arrival of winter. I chose him for this square-format invitation design because he expresses pretty much the way I feel about the impending winter season. After living in the South Florida heat for many years, I finally fulfilled my dream this year and moved to Georgia, where they have actual seasons. So instead of wearing shorts and a tank top to Christmas dinner, I'll be wrapped in winterwear and loving it.

Download the Invitation

Speaking of winterwear, this snowman is quite well prepared for the snow that is his lifeblood. He has a vest and a nice warm wool scarf, in soothing shades of magenta and purple-blue to match the rest of the invitation design. His non-denominational color scheme means you can use this as a generic holiday party announcement, too, and not leave anyone out.

If this snowman winter or holiday invite doesn't happen to be your cup of tea, I have plenty of other free winter party announcements. There is also a link to instructions for making this square format on that page. Just click the link in the previous sentence or the Instructions link below:


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Credits: I'd like to thank the following for the images used in this artwork:, Trina Clark of and Marisa Lerin of And the background was created using my free snowflake scrapbook paper.

Terms: You're welcome to print this free template for yourself, or for friends or family. But you do not have permission to represent it as your own work or sell it in any way. You may post a low-resolution image of it on your blog, though, if you provide a link to this page near the image.

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