Back to School Invitation Art

Click the link below to download the free back to school party template and matching printables

Our owl birthday invitation and matching owl cupcake toppers are wildly popular on Pinterest (click the preceding link to see a Pinterest board with a huge selection of free party printables). So we thought it was time to bring out the owls again! This time, we've featured an adorable, big-eyed owl on a back-to-school party design. These are perfect for a last blow-out before school begins or for classroom parties thrown to welcome the new school year.

Download the Invitation

We also have matching gift bags, and cupcake toppers and wrappers pictured below available--all of which are FREE! You can download those by clicking the link below the photo.

Download the Gift Bags & Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers

Or, if you'd like instructions for creating this invite, the link below will take you to my princess party hub, which has instruction for using this format:


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Credits: Thanks to Gift Season Store on Etsy for the totally adorable owl images used in these designs, to Pixel Scrapper for the dotted overlay, and to Maree Truelove for the banner artwork.

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