Free Monster Party Invitation

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This little cutie-patootie monster wants you to come to his party. Seriously, how cute is he? I can't take credit for his adorableness since the art was created by Pretty Grafik (see link at the bottom of the page). But I'll take credit for picking him to be a party ambassador on this invitation.

The art was originally intended to be used for Valentine's Day but I didn't see any reason that it should be restricted to just a valentine invitation. So I left off any reference to V Day, allowing it to be used for any type of party. And to make it even more fun and useful, I also created two matching printables: a cookie or trinket box and a treat bag. They don't mention Valentine's Day either so they can be used for any occasion that warrants a little monster love. You can see a photo of those printables below, along with a link to go to my Party Planning Center site download them.

Download the Invitation

browse all artwork on this site

browse all artwork on this site

Credits: As I mentioned at the top of the page, the cute monsters came from Pretty Grafik. The Hiccups font came from

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