Free Invite for a Graduation Party

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This graduation party invite will work for any grade level. Heck, my little nephew wore a cap and gown when he graduated from nursery school, so there's virtually no minimum age level. And there's no maximum either. If 50 can be the new 40 (or maybe even 30!), then anyone can be a student at any age. In fact, wouldn't it be nice if they were? The more people there are who continue to learn, the better the planet will be.
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This grad party invitation is one of five designs you can download free on my free graduation party invitations hub. So if this particular design doesn't suit you, maybe one of the others will. (There are also instructions and links to buy envelopes for this invitation on that page.) And if you do like this design, check out my free graduation clip art and graduation scrapbook papers. Some of them match the images used in this invitation. The clip art and scrapbook paper will help you create decorations that match the invitation theme, and you can even use the scrapbook papers to create matching wrapping paper for party favors.

I hope you find this free printable graduation party announcement helpful!
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