Baby Shower Invitation Design

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This invite for a baby shower features a busy bee presiding over a neutral color design that can be used for either a boy or a girl.

The design is a square format, which gives it a fun feeling right off the bat. There's something about a square format that I like. That's probably why so many of the free designs in my collection are square!
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If you want to see the other five square baby shower announcements in my collection or read the instructions for printing the artwork, visit my free baby shower invites hub or click the yellow button below. And if you'd like some matching clip art, visit my free baby clipart hub.

The cute little bee in this design came from, which used to be a free web-based graphics program. But Google bought them and folded them into Google+, so now you can only use the program there.
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Joseph Hogan Wilks said...

these are adorable. thanks for posting!

Work'nPlay said...

You're welcome, Joseph. Thanks for your comment. :-)