Free Baseball Birthday Invitation Artwork

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In the old days you could just assume that this 5" x 7" vertical baseball template would be used for a boys birthday party. But these days, because girls can do anything boys do, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were also used as a girls party invitation.

The color scheme is neutral and the graphics says "baseball" at a glance, so it's appropriate for everyone -- even baseball-loving adults.

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I've been spending a lot of time lately designing decidedly feminine invitations, such as the princess birthday party template and my butterfly girls invite in the two preceding posts. So this sports design makes up for that fact and gives some equal time to the boys. It features a catcher's mitt and a baseball, and the background has the blue and white stripes you see on so many baseball uniforms. (If you're looking for non-sports-related artwork that can be used for boys, check out my rocket ship birthday design or my pirate party template.)

I just finished my hub with more free sports party designs (featuring basketball, football, tennis and bowling party invitations) that can be used for birthdays or other occasions. Click the the yellow button below or the link in the previous sentence to see all the designs and read the instructions for making the baseball template in this post.
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The catcher's mitt and baseball in this design come from the site formerly known as Picnik, which is now incorporated into Google+.

By Carla Chadwick

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