Rocket Ship Birthday Invites for Boys

Click on the text link below to see the boys rocket ship birthday party invite template and download it.

This free printable boys birthday party invitation template features a black and white polka dot border and the purple B-Day1 rocket ship, flying through a beautiful blue sky. (Although I'm officially calling it a boys invitation, there's absolutely no reason why it couldn't be used for a girl's birthday party instead!) The welcoming message invites your child's guests with the words "You're Invited. We're going to have a blast!"

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This design made use of the Jamie Dell Scraps Boys Will Be Boys kit. As always, I thank her for allowing me to use her images in my designs. Speaking of boys who are definitely boys, the inspiration for this design was my nephew Spencer, who loves anything having to do with outer space. In fact, he actually writes about space and draws pictures to match for books that his mom binds for him. He's quite talented for a six-year-old, as you'll see in this hilarious card he gave his Uncle Dave and I for Valentine's Day, which has a novel, space-themed way of describing that I'm 5' tall and his uncle is 6'1":

You can't argue with that logic. :-)

I just finished my boys birthday party invitations, which I've posted to a HubPages hub. There's another rocket ship design there, plus more invitation designs with themes boys like. Click the link in the first sentence of this paragraph or the button below to visit the hub:

boys party invitation artwork

If you'd like to see even more invitations for boys, visit my pirate party announcements or sports invitation templates hubs.

You're welcome to make this design for yourself or for others. But you may not sell this invitation template or treat it as if it were your own work. You may post an image of it, though, to your blog or Web site if you provide a link nearby to the image.


Lisa-Marie said...

THANK YOU so much! This is just what I was looking for and for FREE?!?!? So great. I appreciate it so much. My son is going to be so excited to see this invite!

Work'nPlay said...

You're quite welcome, Lisa-Marie! I'm so glad to know this invitation will make your son happy. I hope he has a wonderful birthday. :-)

Ozsuz said...

Thank you very much, exactly what we were looking for! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

Slee said...

Thanks! This was just what we needed for my son's birthday party. I admit, I let the procrastination bug get the better of me, and then I was scrambling the night before I needed to send out invitations. This was perfect.

Work'nPlay said...

You're welcome! I'm so glad you're finding it helpful.