Invitation Template for a 2nd Birthday Party

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This second b-day party announcement artwork has a cheerful, smiling snail and a striped bumble bee, ready to wish your little one a happy second birthday. To make it extra fun, the background has large pale green polka dots on a green background and a giant number "2," so everyone will know which birthday is being celebrated. Because the colors are gender-neutral, this invite can be used for boys or girls.
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The A2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) template on this page is a variation of several 1st birthday invites I designed, which can be seen by clicking the link in this sentence or the button below. You'll also find instructions for printing and embellishing them.
party announcements for a first birthday


Thanks to Justie Jewkes of Just Creations for the colorful bee and snail illustrations, and to Wicked Princess Scraps for the green polka dot background.

Please see the terms of use for this personal use 2nd birthday design and for all the artwork on this site. Thanks!

By Carla Chadwick 


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you, I've just been looking at your site, you have some really great invitations. I wish you and your family a fantastic 2012...

Work'nPlay said...

Thanks, Linda! :-)

Happy New Year to you too.