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Cowboys are usually rough and tumble-looking but no one says cowgirls have to be! The one in this invitation design sure isn't; although you can certainly tell she's a Western gal. Her pink, black and white outfit tells you that she's all girl.

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See her matching sheriff's star cupcake toppers here.

If you're looking for a cowboy party invite template instead, we got that too. In fact, he was drawn by the same artist, so he looks very similar. Or, if you want other more girlie type choices, you might like these fairy princess, princess, ballerina, butterfly or Cinderella designs.You can also find a list of all templates by type or just kids designs by clicking one of the buttons further down on the page.

And if you'd like instructions for creating these cowgirl party announcements, click the Instructions link:


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browse all artwork on this site

Credits: The adorable cow girl and cactus illustrations were created by Cherry Clipart (

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