Free Pink Butterfly Girls Birthday Invite Art

Click the link below to download the free printable girls birthday invitation template

This pink design features a cheerful butterfly in the happy spring colors of purple and lime green. You may recognize the pink polka dot background from my princess birthday party design, which I posted a few days ago. I love pink and polka dots, so I couldn't resist re-purposing the background for girls who want a more generic party invite.

Download the Invitation

If you want a similar but a little more sophisticated design, check out the butterfly moon template, which comes with a matching thank you card.

Speaking of my princess party invite, you can access instructions for making the design in this post by visiting that page. Just click on the link in the previous sentence or on the Instructions link below. When you get there you'll have to make one more hop to see the instructions. They're quite lengthy and I don't want to have to write them over and over on each page, so I just link to them on some of my older hubs. I could send you directly to the instructions, but I thought anyone who likes this girly girl invitation might also appreciate seeing the princess designs!


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Credits: The adorable butterfly in this artwork comes from Picnik.

Terms: Please do not give away or sell this template, which is for personal use only. Also, please don't post the template image anywhere online, unless it's low resolution and too small to be used as a printed invite and has a link to this post near it. This includes Tumblr, forums and image-sharing sites. Pinterest will automatically link to this page, so feel free to place it there. Thanks for honoring these terms!

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