Printable Vintage Victorian Wedding Announcements

Click the links below to download any of the six free printable vintage wedding templates.

These free vintage Victorian invitations come in romantic colors that summon images of another era. They feature an ornate antique border and a pretty floral pattern, plus a small border area that can be customized with a couple's names or a saying ("Eternal Love" jumps to mind, but you could fill the space with anything that appeals to you). It can also be left blank.

You don't have to use these templates just for weddings or commitment ceremonies; they would work for almost any type of grown-up party. The design comes in six lovely colors: green, blue, purple, pink, tan and cream.

Download the Templates Below:







TIP: If you want to change a color, you can adjust the artwork in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or a similar software program by altering the hue and/or saturation.

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Click below for instructions and wedding invitation wording samples:
free wedding announcements

CREDITS: The border design was constructed using several pieces of art from StarSunflower Studio and Oh So Nifty, and the background pattern is courtesy of Marnie Designs.

TERMS: You're welcome to use any of this art for you, your friends or family. But you're not allowed to sell these templates or represent them as your own work. You can post an image of them to your site, though, if you include a link to this page. Thanks so much for honoring these terms of use.

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DISCLAIMER: The link to Photoshop Elements contains an Amazon affiliate link. This means that if you were to purchase the software, we would get a commission. This doesn't cost you anything more and didn't influence our recommendation of it. Our designer uses Photoshop Elements, so we would recommend it with or without an affiliate link.  

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