Printable Floral Ombré Wedding Announcements

Click on the links below to download as many of the five free printable floral wedding invitations as you want.

These free designs come in five different colors. They feature a clean floral design, and the fashionable ombré look, which is so soft and elegant. And you don't have to use these templates just for weddings or commitment ceremonies; they work for virtually any type of party. The design comes in five popular colors: tan, yellow, blue/teal, purple and pink.

Download the Templates Below:






TIP: You can adjust the color of any of the pieces of art in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or a similar software program, by altering the hue and/or saturation.

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If you want to use these templates for a wedding or commitment ceremony, click below to see instructions, plus samples of wedding announcement wording, at my nuptial invitations hub.

free printable wedding invitations

CREDITS: The beautiful flower images for these templates came from They have our thanks for their use.

TERMS: Feel free to use any of these templates for yourself or for your friends and family. But you are not allowed to sell them or represent them as your own work. You may post an image of them to your blog or site, though, if you include a link to this page. Thanks for honoring these terms!

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DISCLAIMER: The link above to Photoshop Elements contains an Amazon affiliate link. This means that if you were to purchase it, we would get a commission. This doesn't cost you anything more and hasn't influenced our recommendation of it. We use Photoshop Elements, so we would recommend it with or without an affiliate link.


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