Vintage Angel Invitations

Click the links below to download the free blank printable vintage cherub invitation templates

If you love Victorian angels and cherubs, you'll probably love these vintage designs. The initial invite actually started out looking quite different. It was blue and much more modern. But then I got the idea to use the gold background and it became something else entirely. I had so much fun with the first invitation, I decided to make a second. I hope you'll find one or both useful for birthdays, tea parties, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and even Christmas.

Download the Oval Invitation

Download the Scroll Invitation

You might want to do a test with your printer settings to make sure the background doesn't get too muddy. I've found that using the "Best" (aka highest ink coverage) setting on my HP printer doesn't always work. Sometimes the normal, or even the "Draft" setting, is better when the background is rich in color like it is in these invitations. And you don't need an expensive program like Photoshop to use them. You can just pop the image into MS Word and layer text boxes over it to add text.

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Credits: The vintage images in these templates came from my personal collection. You can find the angel here as a free download on one of my HubPages hubs if you would like to use it to create something to match these designs. And you can find some of the vintage flowers I used, plus a bunch more, on this page on my Vintage Holiday Crafts site.

Terms: People steal my invitations all the time and post them as if they created them. You can't imagine how annoying that is. So don't be one of those people, please. It would mean I have to contact Google to deindex your page, which benefits neither of us. If you want to use the designs as party invitations for yourself, your family or friends, however, please feel free. That's why I designed them.   

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