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When I saw this cheerful under the sea clip art, I just knew I had to make mermaid party invitations out of it. Not only is the art adorable but the colors are just scrumptious. See the credits at the bottom of the page for the art source. Also, visit the Tips section below for some fun ideas for embellishing these free templates.

Because the artwork comes in blank and lined versions, you can use this for more than just birthday party invites. The blank version would also make a great movie night flyer or a small poster for any type of event where whimsical mermaids fit the style.

Download the Invitation Art

If you need a program to unzip the zip file that contains the two invitation templates, 7Zip is free. 

Embellishment Tips

  • Small touches of glitter glue would look beautiful on these mermaid invites. This is a better option than plain glitter stuck to glue because the glitter glue encapsulates the glitter and doesn't allow it to fall off. You don't want to use too much though. For example, just use a dot of glitter glue on a few of the baubles in the treasure chest, on the highlights of some of the bubbles or in the mermaids' hair decorations. This will add a subtle sparkle without looking messy.

  • Similar to the tip above, you can add small rhinestones either instead of or in addition to the glitter glue. The advantage of the rhinestones is that they don't have the potential to smear and you don't have to be as careful.

  • If you're feeling really ambitious, you can use a little glitter Mod Podge--but only if you have a steady hand. This looks best in small amounts but can be used on larger areas than the glitter glue. Make sure to use a small brush that will allow you to stay within the areas you want to embellish. 
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DIY mermaid invitations

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