Pastel Floral Wedding Invitation Template

Click the link below to download the free printable pastel flowered wedding and all occasion invitation template

This free pastel wedding or commitment ceremony invitation is perfect if you have multiple colors in your wedding or commitment ceremony color palette, or if you just like a soft and romantic look.

You don't have to be getting hitched to use this design, though; it would work for virtually any type of party. It has some of my favorite colors: teal, purple and pink. It also has a vaguely Japanese look, due to the subtle leaf pattern in the background.

Download the Invitation

If you'll be using this invitation for a wedding or commitment ceremony, you can get instructions, plus many samples of wedding announcement wording, at my wedding invitations hub. Please click the link in the previous sentence or the Instructions link below to go there:


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Credits: The images for this design came from Karen of Kaklei Designs. Karen has some beautiful soft images, which is why her components so often show up in my invitation designs.

Terms: Feel free to access this template for your own use or for the use of your friends and family. But you may not sell this artwork or represent it as your own work. You may post an image of it, however, to your blog if you provide a link to this page.

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