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I just had to post this invite today, because it's so cold in my office. I wanted a reminder of barbecues and cookouts in the warmer days to come. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Most of the time our South Florida weather is too hot and humid for my taste, so the extended cold snap we've been experiencing is welcome. My thin South Floridian blood just hasn't prepared me for it is all.

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This design is part of my free BBQ invites collection, which contains three other designs, instructions for creating them (access by clicking the link in this sentence or the yellow button below) and some great free videos: beginning barbeque tips, and instructions for making country style BBQ ribs and a dry rub. The videos are sure to get you ready for BBQ season!


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Credits: The apron and oven mitt on this design came from Picnik, which unfortunately no longer exists. Google bought it and incorporated it into Google+, which is now shutting down too. Change is constant on the Web.

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Design by Carla Chadwick


Joanne said...

These are great - love the apron!

Work'nPlay said...

Thanks, Joanne! :-)