Printable Dance Recital Announcement Designs

Click the link below to download the printable free dance recital invitations

These cute recital announcements feature the same cute, multi-ethnic ballet dancers as my ballerina party invite templates, but the backgrounds and color schemes are slightly different. The background has white polka dots on purple-pink (some might call that color orchid), and they have more of an emphasis on pink overall.  As mentioned, they come in multiple ethnicities because so do little girls!

And just because they feature ballerinas doesn't mean they have to be used just for ballet recitals. They would work for any type of dance performance.

I hope you can find a use for these! They can be made using a standard 5" x 7" format that fits A7 envelopes or at 3 1/2" x 4 7/8" to fit A4 envelopes. Or, if you plan to hand them to your guests instead of mailing them, they can be made at any size you choose.

If you need a traditional party invite instead one exclusively for a dance recital, please click one or both of the buttons above to see a princess announcement or a fairy princess party invite that are cute and girly. You also can view more princess party designs and get instructions for making the announcements on this page by clicking on the Instructions link:

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Credits: The ballerinas used in these templates came from Cherry Clipart ( Many thanks to Cherry for her lovely artwork.

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