Printable Vintage Princess Invite Design

Click the link below to download the vintage princess invitation template

This free template isn't really vintage, but it looks enough like it to qualify. I call this design Vintage Princess, because there's a tiny gold crown topping the oval frame that reads "You're Invited," and the brocade fabric and delicate white flowers have a regal look. (This design was created for adults. If you're looking for a more modern princess party invite for a young girl or a whimsical invitation featuring a fairy princess and a castle, please click the link in this sentence.)

Download the Invitation

This vintage princess party announcement could definitely be used for a birthday, but it would also work very well for a tea party or a summer garden party. If you love both vintage and throwing parties, I'm sure you can find a use for it.

This template comes from my A2-sized invitations collection, which features standard A2 size invite templates for kids and adults. Click the link in the previous sentence or the instructions link below for more designs, to read the instructions or order A2 envelopes from Amazon.


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Credits: The flower and crown motifs used in this design are Far Far Hill creations, and I very much appreciate being allowed to use them. And the lovely brocade paper comes from Jamie Dell Scraps. Thanks to her too.

Terms: Feel free to make these for yourself or for others. But you may not sell this artwork, give it away free or represent it as your own work. You may post a low-resolution image of it, though, to your blog or Web site if you provide a live link near it.

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Design by Carla Chadwick


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