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This fun announcement design for a child's 5th birthday party is filled with eye-pleasing colors. I love the combination of aqua, red, orange, lavender, magenta and yellow. Those colors just make me happy. The five candles on the cake, the pennants and the musical notes in he background tell you it's going to be a fun party, even before you read who it's going to be for.


Similar Designs

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And if you have little pirates running around your house, they might like this pirate-themed template. And if your child likes the circus, they'll love this circus clown design.


Artwork Size

This template art is in A2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) size. It's very easy to make. But if you need some tips, visit my 1st birthday invites hub (which has the same template format) by clicking the link in this sentence or the button below.
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Other Uses

You can also use this art for double duty. If you cut off the top part straight across, just below the birthday cake, you can use it as a paper napkin ring. Just make a circle and attach one end to the other with a glue stick. You could also get a little fancier by punching two small holes next to each other on each end, overlapping the ends and then running a ribbon through one hole, down through the back and then up through the other hole. Tie a pretty bow and you'll have a nice asymmetrical look.

You also could print it at a larger size and cut it as if you were making the napkin ring, except use it as a band around a personalized snow globe or piggy bank with the birthday child's photo on it. Using the paper band will create distinctive, matching party favors with lasting value for the recipients. That means they won't be thrown away when the party is over!

You can also make these printables sparkle by using glitter glue. It's a good idea to use an extra coat of Elmer's school glue over the glitter glue on the napkin rings to lock in the glitter. That way you won't get glitter near the food.

Credits: Thanks to Josy Carson for the birthday cake, pennant and musical notes artwork.

By Carla Chadwick 

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