Big Top Circus Themed Party Invite Art

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This circus party art is bursting with the joy of a day spent at the circus. From its yellow and white polka dot border; to the red, yellow and blue big top; to the clown, trained seal and upright elephant that surround the circus tent; it's a cheerful way to invite your guests to a circus themed party.

Download the Invitation

We also have a square circus party invitation design.

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Credits: The colorful circus illustrations come from Kelcey of Luna Rosa Scraps, and I thank her very much for their use.

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Amazing iPad said...

I went to a great circus once in Bremen in North Germany. It was fabulous.

Jodie said...

I loved visiting the circus as a kid. I even had a dress-up party and went as a clown in a patchwork costume my mum made me. These are gorgeous and colorful invites, thank you for sharing.

Leigh said...

Circuses are great because they're intense (ha ha in tents... get it. hmmm).

Great idea for a kids theme party though. Just make sure you keep the tigers well fed so they don't eat the guests.

Sally K Witt said...

Wonderful Carla!

Beth Parker said...

This is a bright, cheery design for a child's party. Great job!

Joanne said...

Those are cute!! - I love the elephant.