Printable Tropical Beach Theme Wedding Invitation Template

Click the link below to download the free tropical wedding blank invitation template


This tropical wedding invite template is perfect for a beach theme or tropical destination wedding or commitment ceremony. Its cool aqua blue tones are calming and reminiscent of Caribbean waters, and the hibiscus flower and palm fronds summon the feeling of Hawaii. So wherever your beach wedding will be -- whether down the street or halfway across the world -- this tropical design will fit the occasion.

Download the Invitation

You could also use this design for regular beach parties or luaus, if you'd like a more subdued look than my brightly colored beach party invitations or luau invite.

If you'll be using this for a wedding or commitment ceremony, you can get instructions for making it, plus many wording samples, at my wedding invitations hub. Please click the link in the previous sentence or the Instructions link below to go there:


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Credits: As with most of my beach and luau invitations, these design components were generously provided by Jamie Dell Scraps.

Terms: You're welcome to make these for your own wedding or party or for your friends and family. But you may not sell this template, give it away or represent it as your own creation. You can post an image of it, however, on your blog or Web site if you provide a link to this post. Thanks!

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