Printable Pastel Easter Invitation

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This free printable Easter party invite features a white Easter egg nestled into a field of lovely purple flowers. I love the spring green and orchid color scheme and the way the white egg breaks up the profusion of color. The Easter egg and flowers theme makes the design versatile; it's sophisticated enough to use as an Easter brunch or dinner invitation, but it can also be used for an Easter egg hunt for the kids.
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This design is an adjunct to my free Easter invitations collection, which contains four additional templates created from three designs. You'll find instructions for producing these invitations on that page or by clicking the yellow button at the bottom of this post. For extra fun, I've also posted videos on that page that give instructions for creating cute Easter cupcakes, decorations and crafts. You might find them helpful when preparing for your Easter party!
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The beautiful purple flowers on this invitation came from, which no longer exists. Google bought it and absorbed some of its features into Google+.

For more Easter printables, see my party printables kit:

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