Free Black, Pink and White Wedding Invitation Template

Click on the free printable black, pink and white wedding invitation template to see it full size and download it.


The black and pink design on this 5" x 7" white wedding invite template is bold and modern. It's not your mama's wedding announcement, that's for sure. (Unless your mom is a whole lot more modern than mine was!)
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Graceful but slightly grungy black vines encompass the bottom left corner of the invitation template and are softened by pink vines and delicate pink butterflies. These give a stark contrast to the white background, creating a cool, modern statement.

You can find instructions for creating this design, plus more black-on-white wedding templates, on my printable wedding invitations hub or by clicking on the yellow button below.
free printable wedding invitation templates
TERMS OF USE: Please do not sell or give away this template. It's for personal use only. Also, please don't post the image on your site, unless it's in low resolution form (too small to be used as a printed invitation). If you do post a low resolution image, please place a link to this post near it. Thanks for honoring these terms!

This design was created using images in Picnik.

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thanks for sharing, its lovely!