Free Invitations for a Memorial Day Party

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Many Americans throw BBQs and other types of parties for Memorial Day, so I thought this Memorial Day party invite might be helpful. For those outside the U.S. who aren't familiar with Memorial Day, it's a federal holiday that officially commemorates American veterans who died while serving in the U.S. military. In 2013 it will be celebrated on May 27, in 2014 it falls on May 26 and in 2015 it will be on May 25. Because of its proximity to summer, the three-day Memorial Day weekend is often thought of as the first big weekend of the summer season. So even though its purpose is somewhat somber, it's party time for a lot of Americans.
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This printable Memorial day announcement has the same proportions as the 4th of July invitation and BBQ invitation I posted on this blog, and the other BBQ and cookout invitations on my off-site hub. You can read the instructions for creating this invitation by clicking on the link in the previous sentence or the yellow button below.
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