Free Winter Holiday Invitations

Click the link below to download the printable winter snowflake holiday invitation template


I just love the soft colors in this holiday party invite template. Because of the blue color and generic winter design, can be used for Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year parties, or just plain winter get-togethers. There's nothing in the design that tilts it one way or another, holiday-wise. It does feature something I haven't seen too much of in my life though: snowflakes. Between growing up in Southern California and then moving to South Florida, sunshine has been more the norm in my life than snow.

Download the Invitation

If you're looking for other holiday designs, check out this other free holiday party invite template. There are also other freebies on my winter party invites and Christmas and New Year party invitations hubs. The Christmas hub has an assortment of other designs and instructions for creating square invitations. Click the link in the previous sentence or the Instructions link below to go there:

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Credits: The background for this design came from a digital paper I designed for my free scrapbooking materials site. You can download it here.

Terms: Feel free to use this template for yourself, friends or family. But you may not sell it or represent it as your own work. You can share an image of it, however, by posting it on your blog, if you provide a link to this page near it.

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