Free Invite Art for a 1950s or Retro Party

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This '50s party announcement is perfect for those who were there when people were dancing to Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock -- and for those who just wish they had been. As an homage to the 1950s, this 5" x 7" horizontal artwork features a "Rock Around the Clock" LP record, a jukebox resplendent with colorful neon and chrome, and the checkerboard and diamond patterns so associated with the fifties.

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Because there's no particular usage indicated on the art, it's perfect for virtually any kind of occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties, and of course, high school or college reunions. To learn how to use this size template, visit my beach party invite art hub.

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Credits: Many thanks to Just Creations for the fifties retro jukebox and Rock Around the Clock record images used in this design.

Terms: Please feel free to create these party invitations for personal use. But you may not sell this artwork or claim it as your work. You may post a low-resolution image of it to your blog or Web site, though, if you provide a credit nearby that reads something like this and has a link to this page: Courtesy of

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