Black Kitty Cat Halloween Template

Click the link below to download the black cat Halloween party invitation template.

This free printable Halloween design is strictly for fun--there's nothing scary about it. The bright color palette is fun and cheerful and the cute cat is iconic for Halloween without inducing fear in little ones. That makes it perfect for a children's party, whether at home or in the classroom. But it's just sophisticated enough that adults can use it too.

The invite template also matches our printable black kitty cat treat bag, which makes a fun party favor or decoration. You don't need to construct the whole bag; the front round panel can be hung on the wall as a decoration. If you do make it as a treat bag, keep in mind that it's a little delicate, so we don't advise using it for actual door-to-door trick-or-treating.

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If you would like instructions for making this square format, please click the yellow button below. You'll also find three other Halloween invitation designs on here.
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If you want an invitation design that also includes cupcake toppers, buffet cards and flags, click the image below:
printable Halloween invitations and decorations kit

Credits: Thanks to Cherry Clipart for the black kitty used in the design.

Terms: Feel free to use this template for yourself, friends or family. But please Do NOT sell the template or present it as your own design. You may post a low-res image of it, however, if you provide a link to this page near it. Thanks!

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