Free Hanukkah Party Invitations

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Many moons ago I was actually going to convert to Judaism. But because I was doing it for someone else (my boyfriend at the time) and not for me, it didn't work out. That exposure to Judaism gave me a deep respect, however, for Jewish culture and food. All except for chopped liver. Let's just say I had a bad reaction to the taste. Thankfully, now I'm a vegan so I have the perfect excuse not to eat it. My apologies to those who love it though. It's just truly not my cup of tea.

Anyway, one of the things I noticed at that time is that there weren't a lot of decorating and invitation options for Hanukkah. It's all about Christmas when you get to the end of the year. While recently going through this blog to update it, I noticed that I never designed a Hanukkah invitation. I was really surprised, given that the lack of Hanukkah imagery used to irritate me back in the day. So I decided to rectify that. And while I was at it, I provided both blank and lined versions so you can take your pick:

Download Lined Invitation

Download Blank Invitation

Instructions for Adding Text

If you don't have a layer-based graphics program like Photoshop and you want to add your own text, just pop the blank template (or the lined version, if you want) into Microsoft Word. You can then add text boxes. I recommend you print a sample of the invite before adding the text, though, so you can make sure it's the size you want before you take the time to add the text. 

And check out the free matching gift tags:

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Credits: The images used in this design come from the incomparable Josy Carson. I thank her for allowing me to use them.

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