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Some of my fondest memories come from slumber parties. So when I saw this adorable pajama party art, I knew I wanted to make something with it. The result are these two DIY sleepover party invitations. One is specifically for birthday sleepovers. I made that one because every birthday party I had from age 7 through 12 was a slumber party.

Download the Slumber Party Invitations

You might need a zip program to unzip the art. If so, and you use Windows, try 7Zip, which is free and open source.

The zip file contains these two slumber party invitations:

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Slumber Party Memories

I don't even remember where we got the sleepover party invites to all the birthday parties of my youth--probably the stationery or drug store. There was no Internet that provided free sleepover invitations DIY (the term DIY hadn't even been invented yet!) back then so we bought packets of invitations. It probably didn't even matter whether we sent invites or not; the same group of girls always came to every party. 

The house I grew up in was uniquely suited for some of the slumber party activities we used to indulge in back then--scaring the pants off each other. The house had a long hall that had only one light source if the doors to all the bedrooms were closed. It was a door to the backyard with a window. But at night only scant light came through it. That meant the hallway was almost pitch black. We could barely see each other, which only enhanced the scariness of the games we played. Nowadays, there are many people who would probably be upset that we played these types of games. But a.) it was literally over 40 years ago and b.) we came through it just fine.

One of our favorites was "I See the Ghost of Mary Worth." Who Mary Worth was or the rules of the game have been lost to antiquity but it had something to do with conjuring her ghost. Naturally, the squealing 10-year-olds that we were claimed to have seen her in that dim light. I somehow doubt it though. We also played "Levitation," which involved everyone putting two fingers of both their hands under the person who was supposed to be levitated off the ground. Usually, we would all freak out if the person supposedly being levitated even moved to scratch themselves. This would send us bursting through the door to the living room en masse, shrieking like mad. Good times. LOL

I hope whatever slumber party activities you're planning will be as much fun and create such lasting memories.

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