Free Announcement Art for a Bon Voyage Party

Click the link below to download the free bon voyage party invitation template

This free template will help you make your own bon voyage party announcements, so you can send your loved ones off in style -- wherever they may be going. The template features vintage travel posters from the mid-twentieth century and what I call "Kodak colors," because the yellow and red remind me of the Kodak boxes that photographic slides used to come in when I was a kid. Before digital imagery, if you wanted good quality pictures, you had to shoot slides. My dad took a lot of photos, so we had a lot of slide boxes.

If the bon voyage party is for someone going to the tropics, this blank hibiscus invitation template might also work for you. Or, if the traveler is a purple-lover, this blank purple invite might work as well. For a feminine touch, try this vintage rose blank design or this teal and purple design. All of these have no lines on them, so you can use them as a backdrop for your own text and fonts.

For instructions that will guide you to create these bon voyage invites, visit my free invitation designs hub or click the Instructions link below:

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Credits: I just love the vintage travel posters in this design, which came from Vintagerio (a site that is no longer in existence). They depict New York, Chicago, Texas, Hawaii, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and other tourist destinations, and they're wonderfully cheerful and colorful.

Terms: This printable template is for personal use only. Please don't post the image on your blog or site, unless the image is in low resolution (which means it will be too small to be used as a printed invitation). If you post an image, please place a link to this page near it. Thanks in advance for honoring these terms!

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